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About two weeks ago, Whatsapp announced the new Communities feature and now it is being rolled out for Android, iOS and web users. With the help of this new feature, many groups will be connected to each other and it will be easier to manage them. इसका मकसद इक जिसी वाले लोगे अवर गुप्रूप को इकसाथ लाना है.

meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg said about communities, “Today we are excited to share our vision for the new WhatsApp feature, which is called Communities. Since the launch of WhatsApp in 2009, our focus has been on حم كايس دوسول اور parivar ك لوگ ك ساحت كوروسا بنا بنام حين هين که وه کی کیسی دیوسیو کی ساح ه هو پور کے کے کے.”

Whatsapp la raha hai new dedicated app, in users ke liye মাত্র্ত্য়া নোন্য়্য়্য উন্তে হাতিন্তাত

आसी कम करता है new communities feature
WhatsApp’s new communities feature is almost like groups, but you can add more users to groups as well. In WhatsApp groups, only one conversation can be part of it, while with communities, many groups with the same likes and dislikes can be brought together. That is, it will be easier to chat in related groups and connect them to each other.

This is the way to create communities
For iPhone users, the community tab is shown on the right side of the chats, while on the right side of the screen on the WhatsApp web, this option is shown on the right side. Android users also have a new feature in a separate tab. To create a community, you need to follow the steps below.

1. First, open WhatsApp and tap on the Community tab.

2. अब अभा अधिक कुम्यून्टी का नाम अवर दिस्प्रिक्ष के ज़ी के बाद फोटो फोटो अनाजा होगी. Its name is not more than 24 characters long.

3. Tap on the green arrow icon and you will be able to create a new group.

4. After adding groups to the community, tap on the green check mark icon.

ক্র্তা স্যাত্য স্যান প্র ক্র্ত্য কান কাত্যায়্যায়্যা? אב נהין הוגי; Change these settings immediately

कुम्युन्टिज के लिये तैय की ज़ी कुच सीमाअं
दियान रहे, users can join more than 50 groups in addition to the announcement group. At the same time, up to 5,000 members can be included in the announcement group and any community member can join the groups associated with it.

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