Fake fertilizer factory busted in Lakhimpur Kheri

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In the Rajapur industrial area of ​​Lakhimpur district in Uttar Pradesh, a private factory manufacturing micronutrients has been found violating the license of fake chemical fertilizers. On the orders of District Magistrate Mahendra Bahadur Singh, a private factory licensed for the production of micronutrients in Rajapur Industrial Area ‘Govind Industries’ was raided. The official said that the owner of the factory has violated the license.

குற்றுக்கு க்கு க்குக்கு க்கு க்கு க்குக்குக்க

The team that raided the premises of Govind Industries located in the Rajapur Industrial Area of ​​the district included SDM (SDM) Lakhimpur Shriddha Singh, Superintendent of Police Sandeep Singh and District Agriculture Officer (DAO) Arvind Kumar Choudhary, who found packing and sewing machines, sewing machines, sewing machines, and sewing machines. . District Agriculture Officer (DAO) Arvind Kumar Chaudhary said, “Govind Industries was only given a license to manufacture micronutrients and not to sell chemical fertilizers.” কামিকি কাদ কি ক্রাদাগি ক্র্যান ক্র্ত্য ক্র্যা ক্র্যা hai আর্যার্য ক্য়িক ক্যাক্য কে জার্য়ি hai.”

Many people were detained

The agricultural officer told that many people who have been engaged in unloading and packing food have been detained for questioning. However, the factory owner திகிக்குத்து க்குக்குதா நாட்டு ஜெ சாக்கை है. The names of reputable companies, packing materials, wrappers and sewing machines are in the name of the brand name of the reputable companies.

गुप्त अग्या पर हुई कार्योग

DM Mahendra Bahadur Singh said that the factory is in violation of the Fertilizer Control Order and the Essential Product Act. The DM said that the SDM, DSP and District Agricultural Officer were sent for a surprise inspection of the factory while acting on a tip-off. The DM said that a notice was posted on the door of the factory in which the factory was closed from 21 October to 20 November.

The DM said, “However, when the raiding team entered the premises, many people were found involved in the packing of DAP and potash fertilizers.” Urea, single super phosphate, various famous brands of boron, sand, salt, etc.

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