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Twitter ने अपनी पेड blue tick subscription plan पर ब्रेक लागा दिया है. CNBC revealed this in a report. CNBC reported in a report that Twitter stopped its new blue subscription just one day after rolling it out, because users were seen misusing it to copy brands and famous people.

About two weeks after Elon Musk took over the company, Twitter launched its $7.99/month service, which requires users to pay for a verification check mark.

সামান্য অন্যার সার স্র্যান স্যান্ত
CNBC said that as of Friday, the iPhone app does not have the option to sign up for Twitter Blue. A few hours after the roll out, many fake verified accounts also appeared, causing social media platforms to become affronted. However, these fake accounts were suspended within a few hours.

मस्क की ‘क्रपा’ से भागवान को भी मुल्गा ब्लुतिक? اب Twitter पर वेरिफीडी है जेसुस क्रिस्त

In addition, former American President Donald Trump’s verified Blue Tick account has given users the confidence that the Republicans have returned. The fake account of Tesla, Twitter and the pharmaceutical company Eli & Lilly also came out.

On Friday, Twitter re-launched its ‘official’ badge, which had been discontinued a day before its launch with Blue. Now, in the verified accounts of major companies like Apple and Loreal, there is an ‘official’ badge below their user profile.

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