Stephen Fleming agrees with Anil Kumble says India should consider playing overseas T20 leagues

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After Indian legend Anil Kumble, former New Zealand captain Stephen Fleming also believes that India should consider playing in foreign leagues, especially the Caribbean Premier League, keeping in mind the next T20 World Cup. Players from all over the world are allowed to participate in the IPL, but the BCCI does not allow any active Indian cricketer to participate in these foreign leagues.

The Indian Cricket Board (BCCI) does not allow its players to play in foreign leagues. The weakness of the Indian players was exposed in the semi-finals of the T20 World Cup, where they lost by 10 wickets at the hands of England. Alex Hales and Josh Butler played in the Big Bash League.

Fleming said to ESPN Cricinfo, “It’s something that you can think about especially when you hear from the commentators about Hell’s experience at the Adelaide Oval.” தெர்தை है அத்து முத்து மாட்டு மாட்டை மாட்டு மாட்டை மாட்டை

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Fleming said that the next T20 World Cup will be held in the West Indies in two years. अरेनी कहा,” कारीबीया प्रीमेरी लिग अक्षि चिक्षा बेन गाया है है है गुक्त अगल विक्ष्ट में करेबीयाई केश्टर में केलिबा ज़ाई Aap the best players who will play in this tournament, they will have a good idea of ​​the situation and will benefit from it in the World Cup.”

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Anil Kumble said to ESPNcricinfo, “Exposure definitely helps.” We have seen it help in the development of Indian cricket. Indian cricket is definitely helped by the presence of foreign players in the IPL.”


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