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Naika’s shares have increased significantly on Friday. During the day’s trading, Naika’s shares rose by more than 19 percent and reached the level of 224.65 rupees. Nykaa (Nykaa) is offering bonus shares to its investors in a ratio of 5:1. यानी, the company है 1 शेर पर 5 bonus shares दे रही है. Naika ke bonus share ki aaj record det hai. The lock-in period for Naika’s shares for pre-IPO investors ends on 10 November 2022.

विविषी विश्वेष्ट ने नायका पर गया बाडा डाउव
Foreign investors Norges Bank (Norges Bank), Aberdeen Standard Asia Focus and Seganti India Mauritius bought Naika shares through open market transactions on November 10. नायका की पायंरेट फोन्या FSN E-Commerce Ventures (FSN E Commerce Ventures) है. 10 November 2022 को नायका की कैरिब 67 percent shareholding lock-in period से रिजेज है है. Norges Bank bought 39.81 lakh shares of Naika at 173.35 rupees per share. At the same time, Aberdeen Standard Asia bought 42.72 lakh shares of Naika at a price of 173.18 rupees. While Seganti India bought 37.92 lakh shares of Naika at the price of 171.75 rupees from Mauritius.

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इन जिज्ञान इस्टेस्टर ने बेचे नायका के शेरे
High Net Worth Individual (HNI) नरोट्टम सेखसरिया ने 1.47 करे शेरे पर नायका के बेचे है। At the same time, Lighthouse India Fund III sold 96.89 lakh shares at an average price of 171.75 rupees per Naikaa (Nykaa). Mala Gopal Gaonkar has sold 40 lakh shares of Naika at the share price of 172.04 rupees. Naika’s shares were traded on X-bonus on Thursday 10 November 2022. Naika recently revised the bonus share record date from 3 November to 11 November 2022.

यह भी लेखें- 1 के बलडे 9 शेरी मिलेगे, साथ ही में 10 चर्ची में बंतेग ब्टेक्स, की शेरे की चैची होड, लाग एपर कृक्टर

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