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On the last trading day of the week, on Friday, housing loan lender HDFC and private sector HDFC Bank Ltd saw a bumper bounce. Shares of HDFC Ltd rose 5.87% to Rs 2,652 on the BSE index, while HDFC Bank’s shares rose 5.5% to Rs 1,610. इस टेजी की क्या जूब है, आया अज्य बारे में भी जान लेटे हैन.

What is the reason: में देडिय रोठोटर में MSCI Index मेर्जर अर अक्षिव्य से विज्ञान में निज्ञान होने की खाबरेन आई है. The unit merged into the index can be added to the index quickly with a change in the rules. By the end of the September quarter, HDFC had a 67.76 percent foreign shareholding while HDFC Bank had a 32.15 percent foreign shareholding.

The decline in shares: After HDFC Limited announced its merger with HDFC Bank in April, the shares of both companies fell. In fact, investors were worried that these companies could be excluded from the MSCI index.

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On 17 June, HDFC fell to a 52-week low of ₹2,026 by around ₹2,700. At the same time, HDFC Bank fell by ₹1600 to ₹1271.6 at its 52-week low. It is expected to be completed in 2023.

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