Harbhajan Singh says In the T20s get a coach who has retired from cricket recently

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Team India’s former spinner Harbhajan Singh believes that India should appoint coaches for the T20I setup from players who have recently retired from the game. Harbhajan Singh has said that India needs a coach like Ashish Nehra and a captain like Hardik Pandya after losing to England in the semi-finals of the T20 World Cup 2022.

Harbhajan Singh ne baat se India Today huye kaha, “T20 mein आसी कुचे मिल जाई जे है है ही में क्रिकेट से ले लिया हो, अशीष नेहरा की कलादी अवर कपतानी के लिये Hardik Pandya मेरी पुस्त है.” The great batsman Sunil Gavaskar ne bhi kapatan ke taur Hardik Pandya ko agare hai hai. वले ही एस सामय KL Rahul में टीम आडिया के उपकप्तान हैन में अपकाप्तान में अच्य है।

Hardik Pandya, who scored 63 runs in 33 balls, hoped that India would put up a good fight in the second innings of the match, but instead of fighting, India’s bowling faltered. England’s captain Jos Buttler and opener Alex Hales have done India’s bowling attack. Who made a huge partnership of 170 runs and put India out of the T20 World Cup.

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Harbhajan also raised questions on India’s batting order and said that the team plays the first 10-12 overs of the ODI match in T20 cricket, as if there were 40 overs left in the innings. अरेना कहा की यह दुल्क समाय से भारत की प्रबुमा रही है अवर आस पर गॉर करेन की है। ICC Trophy के लिये भारत का आटेजर अब अब अभी लाबा हो चुका है. India won the last ICC event in 2013.

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