Direct Tax collections rise 31 percent YoY at above 10 trillion rs till 10 november – Business News India

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The economy is good news. In the current financial year, the gross direct tax collection has increased by 31 percent to 10.54 lakh crore rupees till November 10. इस विष्टी में एस विश्वर्य में विश्वार विश्वार का विश्वार विश्वार का विश्वार रहा है. Net direct tax collection after refund adjustment was Rs 8.71 lakh crore. It includes personal and corporate taxes.

This is 61.31 percent of the target for the entire year in the budget. 1.83 lakh crore rupees of refunds have been issued between ক্ক্র্র স্ত্র স্র্ব্র্র কাকে है।

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The Ministry of Finance has said that the direct tax collection till 10 November 2022 shows that the gross collection is 10.54 lakh crore rupees. This is 30.69 percent more than the gross collection of the previous year. Gross corporate collection and personal income tax (PIT) collection increased respectively by 22.03 percent and 40.64 percent.

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