‘Biden and PM Modi ki dosti hai special…’


The American NSA said that the two leaders have a very useful relationship.
Sullivan said that PM Modi has already left the White House after taking over the post of President Biden.
‘दोनोन नेता में है।

Washington. Before the G-20 conference held in Bali, Indonesia, America made a big statement on the side of India. Before the bilateral talks between American President Joe Biden and Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the National Security Advisor of America said that there is a very useful and practical relationship between the two leaders. According to PTI, American NSA Jack Sullivan said that after President Joe Biden took over, Prime Minister Modi has already left the White House. அயை அயுக்கு முக்கு முக்கு पर வுக்கு நதை நெட்டு பர்ப்பு பியு சாகை சாக்கு है. সাতি হিয়্য ব্য়া ক্যানা অন্যাডি ক্র্যানানিন ক্র ক্র্যা বাত

He said that both leaders share common interests on many important issues and actually try to strengthen the US-India partnership together. अध्या अगे कहा की एस साभी बातोन को जब हम गुटे हैन टो पैटे हैन की बैच है।

He said that ‘President Biden is keen to see Prime Minister Modi’s stance in the G-20 conference. It is known that next year India will preside over this summit. During this time, the American President also visited India. Sullivan said that President Biden definitely intends to be a partner in hosting the G20 in India.

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G-20 Summit will be held in Indonesia on November 15th and 16th. At the same time, Russian President Vladimir Putin will not participate in the summit meeting held in Bali in Indonesia next week. अंग्री जागा अब विदेश मंत्री सर्गेी लावरोव भाग लेने Indonesia will go.

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