WhatsApp tell you your credit score, here is the step by step way to know your CIBIL score

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I need a loan from the bank या क्रेडिट कर्ड लेना है, बांक सब्चे पहले आपके कर्दित या सिबिल सकोर मांग्ते हैन. अगर, शूक्र अधिक है टो बांक अपने अप्राई से लोन या क्रेडिट कर्ड डे डे देटे हैन. অন্য়্য়্তা, ক্রিকি ক্র্টে ক্র্ট্র ক্র্যার ক্র্য ক্র্য ক্র্যান ক্র্য কার্য কার্ত You can see your credit score absolutely free on WhatsApp. अग्या लेखी की सिबिल सकोर कैपनी की वेशेस्टत या कही अवर जाने की नहीं है है. Actually, data analytics and credit score reporting company, Experian India has announced the launch of a credit score reporting service through WhatsApp. અપાક બ્ટ્ટા દેન ક્ર્યા બ્ર્ર્ટ્ર માર્ટ કર્ટ્યા ક્ર્ટ કેર કાર કાર ક્ર રો રો એર है. Phइसके अब आप अपनककेडिटेडिटेडिटेडिटेडिटेडिटेडिटेडिटेडिटेडिटेडिटेडिटेडिटेडिटेडिटेडिटेडिटेडिटेडिटेडिटेडिटेडिटेडिटेडिटेडिटेडिटेडिटेडिटेडिटेडिटेडिटेडिटेडिटेडिटेडिटेडिटेडिटेडिटेडिटेडिटेडिटेडिटेडिटेडिटेडिटेडिटेडिटेडिटेडिटेडिटेडिटेडिटेडिटेडिटेडिटेडिटेडिटेडिटेडिटेडिटेडिटेडिटेडिटेडिटेडिटेडिटेडिटेडिटेडिटेडिटेडिटेडिटेडिटेडिटेडिटकोदेखदेख कीऔ

Check WhatsApp on your credit score

  1. First of all send ‘Hey’ to Experian India’s WhatsApp number +91-9920035444 or scan the barcode
  2. After that, share your basic details like your name, email address and phone number
  3. After that, you will get your Experian credit score instantly via WhatsApp
  4. You can request a password-protected copy of your Experian credit report, which will be sent to your registered e-mail ID.
  5. Detailed information can be taken from this link: https://api.whatsapp.com/message/LBKHANJQNOUKF1?autoload=1&app_absent=0

देश के की कोने से देंखे प्ना सकोर

देश के किसी कोने से अप अब अपने पार WhatsApp पर Experian Credit Report पानागे है. The company said that this service is quick, safe and convenient. This means that users can check their Experian credit report, track any irregularity, spot fraud immediately and fix their credit scores. India has the largest number of WhatsApp users in the world at 48.75 crore. WhatsApp messaging is part of Indian consumers’ lives.

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