The Swedish company DEFUNC has entered the Indian market, launching a range of smart speakers and earbuds

Photo: PTI Defunc smart speaker and earphones

Global audio product brand in India for music lovers DEFUNC Speakers will be available. DEFUNC has entered the Indian market with the Indian consumer electronics brand Salora International. DEFUNC has launched its full range of products such as smart home speakers and earphones in the Indian market.

जानिये कौन कौन से product launch

Defunc has entered India with its home speaker range. The company has launched two models of home speakers. অয়া হায়্য কান্য কান্য কান্য কান্য ক্র্য কান ক্রিক কান কায়্য়ান है।

DEFUNC home speaker: Defunk has launched its flagship product home speaker today. This beautiful round design has powerful speakers. আন্য়া পান প্র্তা প্র্যান কান কান কান কান কান কান্ত Besides this, you will also have the option of wall mounting. The first speaker is 40w, and the second speaker is 100w, but it gives crystal clear sound. It is presented in gray and black color. To enhance the beauty of the room, customers are also given the option of print fronts. Users will have the option to customize their fronts with their own photos.

Defunc’s earbuds: Defunc has also launched its range of earphones. It includes Defunc True Basic, Defunc True Talk, Defunc True Sport, Defunc True Audio and Defunc True Music. These models are designed for music, entertainment, gaming and sports.

Built in Alexa with home speakers

DEFUNC’s home speaker is inbuilt with Alexa. आशे में अपने अपने अलेक्ष डेविष्ट की भी जे एज करें हैन के है. In this, two way communication is provided with mic facility. DEFUNC Home Speaker will have dual band Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and Aux-In connectivity. Defunc’s TWS feature is also available in this speaker, so you can connect multiple speakers together. This speaker also supports Spotify with built-in Alexa and AirPlay 2.

Know what is the price

A 40 watt speaker weighs 1.6 kilograms and a 100 watt speaker weighs 3.9 kilograms. The first version of the Defunc smart home speaker is priced at 21,999 rupees and the second version is priced at 36,999 rupees.

Earbuds in bone conductor technology

DEFUNC has introduced a range of earphones. True Talk earphones are also in this range. জান্য়্যান্ট্ক্ট্র সান্র্ক্ট্র স্ন্যান ক্ন্যায়ে হিয়ি. According to the company, this is the world’s first earphones with technology. With its help you will get better calling quality. The battery life of the earbuds is 6 hours. The starting price of Buds is 2,499 rupees.

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