Taliban banned women from gym in Afghanistan

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The Taliban banned women from going to the gym

अग्वान्ग में जाब से तालिबन का गुमाना विचार आया है, अगुणे से देम्दी अवर चिक्षे के अग्यान को पेटे तले रुड़ा जा रहा है. জান্তে চাল্তা নিক্যান নিক্যান্ত্যান্য্যান স্য়্য়ান है है है. तालीबान गुमान ने अब एक अवर नाया फर्मान सुना दिया है. জান্তে জান্তা জিন তাক নান জা জাক্টিন. Women in Afghanistan have been banned from going to the gym. इक अधिकार ने ब्रहस्पतिवार को यह अनुबार दी है.

अग्या है। The Taliban lost power last year in August 2021. It has banned girls from going to secondary and higher education in the country, banned women from most areas of employment and ordered women to be covered in burkas from head to foot in public places.

the reason behind the order is explained

A spokesman for the ministry of religious affairs said that the ban was imposed because people ignored the orders and the women did not follow the regulations on wearing hijab. Women are prohibited from going to the park. The ban on going to the gym and the park for women is this week. The spokesperson said, “Unfortunately, the orders were not obeyed and the rules were violated and the park and gym were closed for women.”

মাদ্যানন নান নানা তা হাজাবাব

अरेना कहा, ”ज़ादातार मुकों पर हैमने में अर्मेंट अर्में। So we decided to close all parks and gyms for women.” He said, “This is another example of ending women’s participation in public life by the Taliban.”

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