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Scooters are used by students and high profile people. It can give a better experience of riding without the hassle of daily travel. Until now, only petrol and diesel powered scooters were in the market, but in the past few years, we have seen a big change in the scooter industry. इह निवाव के अने से है है electric scooters. In the last few years, the price of petrol and diesel has increased significantly, which is why choosing an electric scooter is a better option. यह भाथ ही कम चार्ण में चार्ज हॉजा है आयू अवियोग के शिवार से भी कापी सक्रीव है है In order to protect the environment, the government in different states also gives discounts on their purchases.

An electric scooter is used for every person. आन सकुत्र में अम स्चोटर की तारह ​​ही किक and self start, speedometer, fuel indicator, storage जीसी चीज हैटी हैन. तो आय आया हैन कै कुन से एक से टेरिक्तिक सकूत की सुद्वार की हैटी है:

1. Honda Activa 6G

Honda Activa is a very popular brand in India and it is the highest selling scooter in India. This electric scooter also has a 5.3 liter fuel tank that can be used after the battery is discharged. These scooters come with a 110cc air cooled engine and can deliver a mileage of 40 to 50 kmpl.

Storage: Jahan tak baat this scooter’s storage is available in this scooter’s storage capacity of 18 liters. अगर देखा जाई टो हम अमेश अक अक फुल फेल हेलमेत के साथ-साथ अवर भी के के के लिए को इस स्टोर्ग में रहाग हैन है.

2. TVS Jupiter 125

TVS recently launched a 125cc electric scooter. एस सुक्टर में भी बी साथ के साथ के साथ फुल टान की सुविद्वा की दी गी गी है. Its fuel tank is below the seat of other scooters, but not on the footboard. This scooter has a 125 cc air-cooled engine that can reach a high speed of up to 90 kmph. It has a 5.1 liter fuel tank and its mileage is 45-50 kmpl.

Storage: अगर स्टोर्ग की बात करें तो एसे सक्टोर में 32 लिटर की की एद सेत है है है जो की अराम से को स्टोर सकती है.

3. Suzuki Burgman 125

Suzuki’s Burgman First Maxi Scooter is affordable for most people. These scooters have a 125cc air-cooled engine that can deliver a high speed of up to 95kmph. This scooter’s mileage is also like 45 to 50 kilometers per liter.

Storage: If we talk about storage, this scooter has a capacity of 21.5 liters, which can be easily stored along with a full face helmet and a water bottle.

4. Hero Maestro Edge 125

The hero of the Maestro Edge 125 is a successful scooter in the market. This scooter is available with 125cc air cooled engine and its top speed is 90kmph. Scooters की मिलेज 55 से 55 kmpl तक की है.

Storage: अगर स्टोर्ग की बात करें तो यह सक्टोर्स 22 लिटर की कापास्टी आविलेब कराती है. In this storage, a full face helmet can be stored.

5. Ather 450X

Ather Scooters में एक 7 inch color display है जो जो सारी फोटर्म की शुक्टर है. It offers many features like navigation, mobile connectivity, music control.

Storage: If you talk about storage, this scooter has a big storage capacity of 26 liters. Aisee storage capacity mein ek full face helmet ke saat-saath aur bhi kafi sari keziya ko hraga se rahakan hai.

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