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Rajesh Exports Bonus Share: Rajesh Exports (Rajesh Exports) shares have given excellent returns to their shareholders in the long term. This is one of the multibagger shares, which has worked to please its investors in the Indian stock market. Post-Covid, Rajesh Exports share price increased by around ₹450 to ₹994 by February 2022. इनी दो साल से भी कम समाय में एस शेरे ने अपने शेरादरको को देशा का फ़रण का फ़रण का देखा है.

However, after reaching a 52-week high, the NSE posted gains in stocks. In spite of the last six months, this share has given its shareholders a return of 30 percent. At the same time, for long-term investors, this stock has increased by ₹2.10 to ₹752, which has increased 358 times in almost two decades.

यह भी लेखें- अज से खुल रहा है है यह IPO, 60 रूप्रिम पर शेच गाया भाव, क्या अप दाव लागाइंग?

Rajesh Exports Bonus Share History
In 21 years, the stock has given a bonus share (Bonus share) which has benefited the long-term investor. In January 2008, Rajesh Exports traded X-bonus stock. The company issued bonus shares in a ratio of 2:1. So, people who bought this stock in the beginning of 2001, their stake in their shares increased up to three times the original number of shares they bought.

A company that is making a profit of only 3 rupees on a share of ₹94000, people said, “Gajb beijjati hai yaar”

investors को तग्डा फुट्यू
If an investor had bought ₹1 lakh worth of shares in Rajesh Exports when they were available at ₹2.10 in July 2001, he would have received approximately 47,619 shares of the company. In 2008, Rajesh Exports issued bonus shares in the ratio of 2:1. That is, the investors’ shareholding of the company has changed to 1,42,857 shares.
Rajesh Exports share price is around ₹752 today. This means that the total assets of the investors today will be ₹10,74,28,464 or ₹10.74 crore. So, in Rajesh Exports, someone’s ₹1 Lakh in 21 years will be ₹10.74 crore, provided the shareholders maintain their investment during this period.

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