Jammu and Kashmir: 4 people drowned after a car fell into the Chenab river in Doda. Jammu and Kashmir Car falls in Chenab river in Doda Four people feared dead

Accident in Doda, Jammu and Kashmir

Jammu and Kashmir: In Doda district, there was a car accident on Tuesday. According to Mili Jankari, the car fell from the road and fell into the river, causing 4 people to drown. इस मुभे में अपजिलाधिल द्धिकारी (थथरी) अतहर अमीन जरगर का बायान समें आया है. He told me that the accident happened in বট্ট্ট্যান্ত্যান র্ষ্ট্ত্যান র্ষ্ট্য়া প্র্যান্তা-ক্রারার মান মাম ক্র্বে সাধে সাতা বাজা হায়্য়া.

According to the official, कार डोडा से किश्तवाड की उर जा रही टी, तथा वह अध्या बहती नादी में गिर गी गिर गी. The police officer started the rescue mission with the local volunteers of JK Adventures and the rafters stationed near the incident site in Shibnot, but the vehicle and the vehicle were not found.

غلام نبي ازاد موقع پر دیکه

Ghulam Nabi Azad, the former chief minister of Doda and Kishtwad districts, visited the district and was seen in a video. With him, his associate and former minister GM Saruri was also heard, who can be heard in the video. The officials said that Azad was returning to address public meetings in Changa-Bhalesa and Gali-Batoli district of Doda district.

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