In India, Snapchat will pay these creators 50 thousand dollars per month, know the rules

Photo: FILE In India, these creators are paid 50 thousand dollars per month

Snapchat’s parent company Snap said on Tuesday that it will pay up to $50,000 a month to top sound creators in India. This is the plan to start from November. In India, Snap has launched the ‘Snapchat Sounds Creator Fund’, a new payment model program designed to drive video production to emerging artists in the country and define cultural moments on Snapchat and Spotlight alike.

What is the rule?

The company said in a statement that the monthly grant will be for artists living in India and artists aged 16 and over. Lakshya Malu, Head of Interim Market Development at Snap, said, “We are excited to support independent and emerging artists in India who are creating content on Snapchat. By providing meaningful funding and creative support, our goal is to build artists’ careers in music. “

يه هوجي خاصيات

Sounds is a feature that allows users to add licensed music to their snaps as well as their own creations. It is widely used in India where users enhance their snaps with music and are able to communicate in a fun way.

More than 2.7 Arab videos

Since the launch of Sounds, more than 2.7 billion videos have been collectively created on Snapchat and have been viewed more than 183 billion times worldwide.

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