ICC shares pakistan cricket team winning moments shaheen afridi lift babar and rizwan during celebration

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Pakistan has confirmed its place in the T20 World Cup final after 13 years by defeating New Zealand in the semi-finals. However, pakistan ke liye yeh jeet haisal karna isaan nahin raha. The team was on the brink of being eliminated from the tournament after losing the first two matches, but luckily helped the team to reach the semi-finals and won the final ticket. New Zealand को हराने के बाद पाक कहाली ज़न मानाते है नाजर आई. However, during this time, the team’s star fast bowler Shaheen Afriji was so drowned in the celebration that he didn’t know that he was in trouble.

Actually, ICC has shared a video from its Instagram account, in which Shaheen Afridi won the victory. At the same time, the players celebrated with Babar and Rizwan who reached the side of the team who congratulated each other for the win and hugged each other. जिसेजिसेजिसेकोईहकोई कोई हैकोईन कोईज,,,,,,,,,,,, ,ूूूूूूकिलोूकिलोकिलोकिलोूकिलोूू….. .जिसेजिसेजिसेजिसेजिसेजिसेजिसेजिसेजिसेजिसेजिसेजिसेजिसे ,जिसे,,, ,जिसेजिसे, ,औऔययययकिलोूगगसेसेकिलोकिलोकिलोकिलोकिलोकिलोकिलोबनबनबनबनबनबनबनबनबनइंजकिलोबनकिलोकिलोइंजकिलोकिलोऔ .औऔऔऔऔजिसेजिसेजिसेजिसेजिसेजिसेजिसेऔ,,, ,जिसे, ,जिसेजिसेकोई, ,औकऔऔयययययथथथथथकिलोकिलोकिलोकिलोकिलोइंजकिलोबनबनबनबनबनबनबनबनकिलोकिलोकिलोकिलोबनकिलोकिलोकिलोकिलोबनकिलोकिलोऔऔऔऔऔजिसेजिसेजिसेजिसेजिसेजिसेजिसेजिसेजिसेजिसे, ,जिसेऔ,,,,, ,ककऔऔऔऔयययययययकिलोकिलोथसेकिलोकिलोकिलोकिलोकिलोकिलोकिलोकिलोबनबनबनबनबनबनबनबनकिलोकिलोकिलोकिलोकिलोकिलोकिलोकिलोकिलोकिलोऐसेऐसेऔऔजिसेऔजिसेजिसेजिसेजिसेजिसेजिसेजिसेजिसेजिसेजिसेऔजिसे ,जिसे,, ,जिसेकोईकऔकऔऔऔऔययययययगथ वाह वह अय्या बाद भी सेफ पूरी दे रहे थे.

T20 WC: load ho raha hai Bharat vs Pakistan final? काल हो जाइका फ़िसाला

Pakistan beat New Zealand by 7 wickets in the first semi-final of the T20 World Cup 2022 thanks to the return of captain Babar Azam (53) and Mohammad Rizwan (57) to their form. New Zealand set a target of 153 runs in 20 overs to Pakistan, which Babar’s team achieved within five balls.

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