Electric vehicle revolution started in India, sales increased 185 percent in October

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The retail sales of electric vehicles in the country increased by 185 percent year-on-year to 1,11,971 units in October. It includes the sale of passenger vehicles. The Federation of Automobile Dealers Association of India (FADA) said on Wednesday that the sale of electric vehicles in October last year was 39,329 units. The total sales of electric passenger vehicles increased by 178 percent to 3,745 units last month, which was 1,346 units a year ago.

According to the data of Fada, the sale of electric commercial vehicles increased by 125.64 percent to 274 units. The sale of electric two-wheeled vehicles increased by 269.06 percent to 73,169 units in October, which was 19,826 units in the same month a year ago. According to statistics, the sale of electric tricycles increased by 92.87 percent to 34,793 units in the previous month, which was 18,040 units in October 2021.

48% of car sales jumped

Festivali season se auto sector ko bada boost mila hai. According to the report of the Federation of Vehicle Dealers (Fada), the demand for vehicles in the country’s retail sales increased by 48 percent in the month of October. Total retail sales of vehicles in October was 20,94,378 units. This is 48 percent higher than the figure of 14,18,726 units in October, 2021. Similarly, the registration of two-wheeled vehicles reached 15,71,165 units last month with a jump of 51 percent. This figure was 10,39,845 units in October, 2021.

More sales than the previous level of Kovid

Registration of vehicles in October, 2022 is eight percent higher than Kovid-prev ie October, 2019. Last month, the performance of all passenger segments, passenger vehicles, tractors, tractors, and tricycles was better than October, 2021. Last month, retail sales of passenger vehicles increased by 41 percent to 3,28,645 units. It was 2,33,822 units in October, 2021. In October, retail sales of commercial vehicles rose 25 percent to 74,443 units. It was 59,363 units in the same month a year ago. In October, 2022, sales of three-wheelers and tractors increased by 66 percent and 17 percent, respectively.

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