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Apple has launched the iPhone 14 series, the journey from iPhone1 to the iPhone14 series has been very good. Today, Apple is the world’s most expensive mobile company. The company recently launched its new iPhone 14 series in the market. अब असे में iPhone 13 अवर फोन 14 को लेक्र लोग फोन फूके है है की वो काउन सा फोन बुणे. तो आज हम अपेक्ष कुच पूटने के में जेश बेखें की iPhone 13 and iPhone 14 में की अंतर है Apple ne क्य–क्य निवाय की है है iPhone 14 में. அக்கை அப்ப்பு மாரியு பாயு பாய் கிய் கிய் கானை புந்து लेना ஸார்க்கு

1. Pricing:

The price of the iPhone 13 has dropped significantly when the new series came to the market, and it has already fallen into the budget of many people. iPhone 13 will cost customers 69,900 rupees. अग्या अग्या अग्या अग्या अग्यान अग्यान अच्चार के के के लिए के करेंट के के के लिए के लिए के लिए के लिए के लिए बेनिटें हैं

At the same time, the base price of the iPhone 14 is 79,900 rupees, which is 10,000 more expensive than the iPhone 13. At the same time, you will have to spend 89,900 rupees for the 256 GB version. Also, the 512 GB variant is priced at Rs 109,900.

2. Design and build:

In terms of design and build, not much has changed in the new iPhone 14. Unlike the iPhone 14 Pro model, the cheapest iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Plus are both on the same footing. Here, a big difference is that the iPhone 14 Plus replaces the iPhone 13 mini and its size is the same as the iPhone 14 Pro Max. The iPhone 14 has an adaptive flash, which is good enough to take photos in the dark.

3. Display:

When the display is similar to the iPhone 14, the iPhone 13 is similar to the iPhone 13.

4. camera:

Both the iPhone 14 and iPhone 13 have the same camera, but despite this, the iPhone 14 definitely gets some upgrades. There are two new camera sensors in the iPhone 14, which capture more light and take better shots in low light.

In addition, the main camera of the iPhone 14 comes with the same f/1.5 aperture as the main sensor of the iPhone 13 Pro. The biggest improvement in the new iPhone 14 is the new 12 megapixel camera that supports autofocus. The new selfie camera sensor offers better low-light photography. The biggest change in both phones is the camera sensor.

All over the overview ki baat karen to the iPhone 14 men thermals has been changed a lot. The iPhone 14 is hotter than the iPhone 13.

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