Users can watch YouTube Shorts on the phone, but on the TV, the remote control will be used


युजर्स पर त्वियो है ही करीतर्स के करत विडियो को पुस्त या नापसंद करने हैन है
वीडियो तब तक पर लुप रहे रहे है जब तक यूजर मानुविया पर नहीं जाता है
The company is planning to introduce more community features.

YouTube is offering its short video making video section ‘Youtube Shorts’ for TV. The company has announced that the shorts will be globally rolled out. YouTube explains that the company’s updated Smart TV app will now allow users to watch the popular vertical video in an optimized experience, which is designed to be better viewed by users on mobile as well as on TV.

YouTube says that users must have 2019 or later smart TVs, new gaming consoles or streaming devices for the new feature on TV. Users will be able to run short videos on the homepage of the YouTube app, or on the channel page of the creator’s new shorts shelf.

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In the beginning, users can like or dislike the short videos of the creators on TV, and they can also interact with the creators by reading the titles and descriptions of the videos. But it turns out that the company is planning to introduce more community features over time.

Manually change the video
YouTube said that the experience of watching short-form videos on TV has an unusual behavior. The log feed autoplay instead of manual रूप से अक्षा शार्क विडियो फाटे जाना फाटे थे, जो की अगुद्य तवी के साथ होटा आया है. So, the app allows users to start or stop the video by clicking directly on the short video, or using the play/pause button on the remote.

(ये भी देखें- पर प्रभाब प्रविलेट पर भाई Blue Tick तो है आन आसान सेप को फोलो करे करे है हो जाइका काम)

The video will then run on the loop until the user manually runs on the next video. The upper and lower buttons on the remote control can be used to go to the next video or to return to the previous video.

Youtube Shorts were first introduced in India in September 2020. The company’s claim is that 1.5 billion log-in users are logged in by 1.5 billion users in 100 countries in the current time and 30 billion users are logged in every day.

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