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Bonus Share: Issuance of bonus shares to existing shareholders of the company is an announcement of additional or free shares. Instead of paying profits through it, a portion of the profits are distributed to the shareholders. For example, if the ratio of bonus shares is 5:1, it means that eligible shareholders will receive 5 additional shares for every 1 equity share. Do stock Nykaa and Punit Commercials will trade at 5:1 bonus ratio next week. Let’s know in detail…

1. Nykaa bonus share: The bonus issue of equity shares will be issued in the ratio of 5:1. Its approval was given by the board at its meeting on October 3, 2022. The company’s board has set the record date for Friday, November 11, 2022. According to BSE, on 10th November, the stock will do X-bonus trading. The company’s shares were listed on the BSE and NSE stock exchanges last November. The company’s shares closed at 1,132 rupees on Monday with a gain of 2.48%.

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2. Punit Commercials Bonus share: Small-cap company Puneet Commercials Limited considered issuing bonus shares in the ratio of 5:1 on 4 October 2022. Its record date is set for Wednesday 9 November, 2022. According to BSE information, the shares of Puneet Commercials will start ex-bonus trading from 9 November, 2022. The company’s shares were last traded on October 3. Then its share was 51.25 rupees.

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