AB de Villiers on comparisons with Suryakumar Yadav If he can be consistent for a long period of time he is going to become great

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Suryakumar Yadav, one of the best batsmen of the T20 World Cup being played in Australia, said his comparison to AB de Villiers as a ‘360 degree’ batsman was immature, but the South African legend considered it fair. De Villiers is nicknamed Mr. 360 Degree because of his ability to shoot from all sides of the field in cricket.

Suryakumar has scored 225 runs in five matches of the current World Cup in which he has played three half-century innings. During this period, his strike rate is 193.97. अधिना के है कोने में माइडान के है कोने में शोट्ट की फ़ाई की अपनी कोभाई से आपने के अपने के अभार्ण को अध्याना की शुज्ञान किया है. This 32-year-old player has batted in difficult circumstances and has picked runs according to his expectations. Suryakumar ne aisi hi pari kheli thii against South Africa in Perth.

Suryakumar, rejecting his comparison with de Villiers, said that only one player is entitled to the title of ‘Mr. 360 degree’, but the former captain of South Africa does not think so. He said, “I am very happy with Suryakumar. मुजे लगात है की वह भाथ लाम्बा साफर तय कर चका है. मुजे अध्या नहीं थी की वह आत्ना अध्या अध्या करेगे.”

De Villiers ने कहा, ”वह भाष्य में समभुल कर लैखे के बाद बॉचलोन पर डबदबा है यह देशना आश्या है है आविस्क विश्विस शिबारा है.” उसे सिर्प अपने प्रभाष्ट में संस्थानता पर देना देना होगा. उसे अक्षा अक्षा पाच-दस साल तक आसी ही करना होगा.”

Virat Kohli AB de Villiers predicted the final between India and New Zealand.

This 38-year-old former player said that the four best teams have reached the semi-finals of the T20 World Cup, but more matches should have been played to decide the final four. The teams of India, England, New Zealand and Pakistan have reached the semi-finals. There are many ups and downs in this tournament.
After the qualifying stage, twelve teams formed the Super 12 stage, which was divided into two groups of six-four teams. In the league stage, the teams played five matches and for de Villiers, this number is not enough.

PAK vs NZ : Before the semi-final, Virender Sehwag kept Pak team away from Pakistan.

He said, “I feel that the world’s top four teams are in the semi-finals of the World Cup.” I also believe that more matches should have been played to decide this.” होना है। He said, “According to me, it will be true.” This way, 99 percent of the time you will see the best team reach the final.”

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