18 November will be celebrated as the child sexual exploitation day, the proposal passed in the United Nations General Assembly

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United Nations General Assembly

The United Nations General Assembly on Monday approved a resolution to commemorate November 18 as a day to highlight the sexual exploitation and abuse of children. This day will be used to emphasize the needs of the prevention of crime, to punish the criminals and to raise the voices of the victims as part of the long process of recovery.

More than 110 countries have supported

This proposal was put forward by the African countries of Sierra Leone and Nigeria and more than 110 countries supported it. इसे तालियोन की गडग्डाहत के बीच अमसहमति से परित्स की गाया. The first woman of Sierra Leone, Fatima Mada Bayo, was the first woman to submit a proposal.

‘Роктахам ек Апат систить hai, ಕ್ಕ್ನಿಕ್ತಾ hai’

अरेना कहा, ”रोक्थाम एक आपात सिटिष्ट है, लेक्ष सुच्चा है.”

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