Jaishankar’s visit to Moscow, India will take the initiative for peace at the right time!


भारत कर भारा पर भारत में रूस-एक्रेन युद्ध में उस्टी के स्थानी करें में अपनी भूमी पर विच्या.
In this case, the main standoff between Russia and Ukraine is the unwillingness to negotiate.
Украине ко лаг раха хай ки юддр ке майдан мен усе услужка мил рахи хай хай. तो रूस भी बात करेन के मुद नही में है

Washington. This week, before Foreign Minister S. Jaishankar’s trip to Moscow, many diplomats and foreign policy experts are looking closely at India’s potential role in pressuring Russia and Ukraine for peace. Русс-Украине юддх пар Барат перех се хи вичар раха хай ки шай сайма пер шанти мене меневодные коментарии к естанция шанти оски кя вумическая хо секти hai. In this case, the main standoff between Russia and Ukraine is the unwillingness to negotiate. Украине хайл кар раха хай ки юддр ке майдан мен усе сучах мил рахі хай хай хай. तो दूद्ध उर रूस भी बात करेन के मौड में है है.

According to the New York Times, however, experts believe that if the price of energy increases due to the war, the life of the people in Ukraine is actually made miserable. It is important to note that at the beginning of this year, the French President Emmanuel Macron considered holding a peace talks with Prime Minister Narendra Modi. होग यह विचार अमल में नहीं आ पाया. भारत को एक को पुबित दैटूट के रोप में देखा जा रहा है If Russia and Ukraine express interest in the mediation of a neutral third party, then India will be a strong candidate with the credibility of both parties. PM Modi has a good relationship with the President of Russia, Vladimir Putin.

‘Ukraine wanted tha ki Русс पर द्वरण में भारत, फिर हैं…’, Jaishankar का बाडा अग्योग

However, India’s continued purchase of oil from Russia and its refusal to support proposals against Russia angered Ukraine and America. Earlier, during a summit in Uzbekistan in September, PM Modi said that the whole world is paying the price of Ukraine’s war. Modi ne putin se kaha ki aaj ka yug yudh ka nahin hai अवर हम आस पर द्चार्क करेन की के शान्ती के मार्ग पर की अधे अगे बुधे हैन है While Foreign Minister S. Jaishankar was asked in a conference last month in New Zealand, what are you doing to agree to talk to the parties involved in the war? तो अरेना कहा की ‘हम जो कुच भी करना हैन, हम करेन को जालार हैन.’

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