BJP and CPIM workers clash in Tripura nine injured including two policemen

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Tripura News: At least nine people, including two policemen, were injured in a clash between supporters of the Marxist Communist Party (MCP) and BJP in Teliamura, Khowai district of Tripura. Party leaders and supporters gathered for a meeting on Saturday night in Karoilong, about 30 kilometers from the state capital, Agartala. तेलियतेलियााके के सब डिविजनल पुलिसपुलिसीी (एसडीपीओएसडीपीओएसडीपीओी ​​(एसडीपीओएसडीपीओीीी (किबैठकसून किपयकयकयकयकयकुपुपुपुप नेहमलतयकयकयकुपुप कदियकुपुप After that, the KPA workers also resisted, which led to a clash between the two groups.

‘Two policemen are also injured’

The police officer said that at least nine people were injured in the clash, including two police officers deployed to provide security in the meeting. A strong unit of police and Tripura State Rifles led by SDPO, Teliamura reached the spot and brought the situation under control. The police officer said that all the injured including two policemen were taken to Teliamura Hospital, where three police officers were referred to GBP Hospital in Agartala for better treatment.

’10-12 BJP workers attacked’

According to the SDPO, the police have taken cognizance of this incident. He said that a notice will be issued to all people involved in the incident soon to investigate the matter. मकपकपकपके के नेकह किकिककक ने हमपप बैठकपेेेेेेेेेे कमकमेे घहो होगए. अधिना देबेश के लिये वाई राही हुई हैबेल अउर कुर्सियोन को भी दुद्धाराया.

According to the party leader, 6 of his companions were injured in the attack by BJP workers, who were taken to Teliamura health center. बाद में हिन्वे से टिन को जब्प होस्टिला है गे गाया है. इस बेख, पार्टी ने बैचे पर हुमल की निडा करेट है हमलावरोन की टक्ताल अर्तरी की मांग की है.

‘5-6 BJP workers injured in attack’

At the same time, Kalyani Roy, the chief whip of the BJP in the state assembly representing Teliamura constituency, claimed that it was the MCP supporters who first attacked the BJP workers. अरेने कहा, ”हमले में पुन्च से चेश BJP कार्चार गायल हो गाये. The CPA is trying to create unrest in Teliamura to come to the headlines before the assembly elections.”

Roy nee told that a delegation of BJDP has met the in-charge of Teliamura Police Station, Subrat Chakraborty, and demanded action against the people responsible for the attack on the party workers.

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