Twitter has launched an 8-dollar Blue Tick Verification service for iOS users, with 4 new features


iOS users will need to update to the latest version to use Blue Tick Verification on Twitter.
Users who pay 8 dollars for Blue Tick Verification will get 4 new features.
Users with blue ticks will receive priority in reply and search.

Twitter (Twitter) Tesla’s CEO and new owner of Twitter, Elon Musk, announced this week that he will pay $8 for the new Blue Tick verification service, and now it’s for the iPhone (iOS). पेश कर दिया है The Blue Tick Verification Service for iOS users (iPhone) is currently launched in America, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Britain. iOS users will have to update this service to the latest version of the app.

In the latest update on the iPhone, Twitter said, ‘Aaj se Twitter Blue, many new features have been added, and many more features are coming. अगर भी साइन-उप करेटे हैन तो सिर्फ 7.99 डोलर प्रती मेंश पर पाईं twitter blue.’

(ये भी देखें- पर प्रभाब प्रविलेट पर भाई Blue Tick तो है आन आसान सेप को फोलो करे करे है हो जाइका काम)

टिव्टिरा ने कहा, ‘ब्लु चेक्मरक: लोगों को शक्ति! Your account will get a blue checkmark, just like celebrities, companies and politicians follow them first.’

Twitter Blue subscription (8$) you will get 4 new features
Alan Musk has told that 4 more features will be given to users who pay $8 per month for Blue Tick on Twitter.

1) This is the first feature for blue tick users to reply and search priority. This feature will help to kill spam and bot accounts.

2)Besides this, users who pay 8 dollars every month will be allowed to post long videos and audios on Twitter.

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3: Twitter users with blue ticks will not have to pay for the content of publishers who work together with this social media platform.

4) مسُك ني يه بحي كاه هي كي آيسـمال كونت كريتر كو پرتساهIT کارنی کی کی کی کے کے کے کے کے If publishers contract with Twitter, you can read Twitter Blue paid articles for free.

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