The Sri Lankan Navy has once again arrested 15 Indian fishermen as the two countries have recently discussed the maritime border.

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Sri Lanka की नाविया ने एक बार फिर भारत 15 people have been arrested. In spite of many high-level talks between both parties Sri Lankan marine area में अनुभी रुप से मुच्ची चुच्चार के अच्छा में भार्टिया मुचूरों को अर्ण्य का बुद्ध का बाद्य है है. বাতা দেনন, Sri Lanka and India have negotiated between the two countries on the issue of international maritime border challenges.

मुचुारों की डो नुकायें भी जाबत

The Sri Lankan Navy has arrested at least 15 Indian fishermen for illegal fishing in the country’s marine area and confiscated two boats. The Navy said in a statement that the fishermen were arrested on Saturday near Talai Mannar, located on the north-western coast of Mannar Island. In the statement, it was told that the fishermen will be assigned to the fish inspector.

भारत-श्रीलंका के बीच इस मुद्ध पर बुद्ध

The issue of fishermen in the relationship between India and Sri Lanka is a cause of controversy. Sri Lankan Navy personnel have opened fire on Indian fishermen in Pak Straits in several cases and seized their boats for entering Sri Lankan waters. There is a strait separating Sri Lanka from Tamil Nadu.

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