Team India win against Zimbabwe will help netherlands to get direct qualification for t20 world cup 2024

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T20 World Cup: In the T20 World Cup 2022, the team of the Netherlands defeated South Africa on Sunday (November 6). Between the two teams, the South African team won by 13 runs in this match. The Netherlands team defeated South Africa for the first time in the T20I with a win, while the World Cup’s all-time record was broken once again.

Netherlands ki jeet se ek taraf jahan pakistan ki kismet chamkee toh that’s where the Indian team qualified for the semi-finals before the match against Zimbabwe. अग्या बाद पैकास्टिन ने भी हराकर को बंगलेडसेग को हराकर की पैनी जागा पक्की कर ली.

The Netherlands scored 158 runs for 4 wickets in 20 overs against South Africa. In response, the South African team scored 8 wickets and scored 145 runs. With the victory of the Netherlands, the South African team was eliminated from the tournament.

The team of New Zealand and England qualified in Group 1 and India and Pakistan qualified in Group 2. अब नेदर्डान की नाजर भारत-जिबम्बार के मैक पर तिकी होगी अवर वह है।

Actually, the next T20 World Cup will be played in 2024, which will be jointly hosted by America and the West Indies. According to the rules of the ICC, this time the top 8 teams of the Super 12 stage will directly qualify for the 2024 World Cup. In this way, India-Pakistan, New Zealand-England and the fourth-placed Sri Lankan team in Group 1 have qualified, while Zimbabwe and the Netherlands will get a direct ticket to 2024.

अंक तारिका की अक्षिण सिति के सुक्षण को सम्जें तो भारत आवर पाषिकाटन के 6-6 अंक है. While South Africa’s team is in third place with 5 points. At the same time, the Netherlands and Bangladesh are in the fourth and fifth place with 4-4 points. While the Zimbabwean team is on the sixth position with 3 points. अब अगजीतततत जीततजीतततत जीततजीततजीततलैंडतस कसटॉपड औअगलेक अगलेसकेगी अगलेअगलेअगलेेगी अगलेअगलेअगलेेगी कीअगलेअगलेअगले कीकेेगी कीमततकीऔऔऔमममथितिउसकउसकममममममममममममममममममममममममममममममममममममममममममममममममममममममममममममममममममममममममममममममममममममममममममममرेगीतत कंफउसकऔ

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