Old pension scheme big update is here supreme court is given order in this week friday

Photo: INDIA TV There was a big update to the pension plan

Old Pension Scheme: This week the Supreme Court issued its verdict against the employee pension scheme, in which the Supreme Court upheld the 2014 employee pension scheme. अब 2014 before extended pension coverage को ना प्नाने वाले पात्र क्रेवर्ण भी अक्षा चार में आसका है नागण है After this decision, until September 2014, existing members of the EPS can contribute up to 8.33 percent of their ‘actual’ salary. Previously, they were able to contribute 8.33 percent of their pensionable salary and the maximum limit was 15,000 rupees per month, but employees will be able to contribute more to this plan and benefit more. =

The court adjourned on Friday

Along with this, the court overturned the 2014 revisions that mandated a 1.16 percent contribution to the salary of more than 15,000 employees. The employee organizations have demanded that the government pension fund EPFO ​​hold an extraordinary meeting of the trustees of the central board so that the order of the Supreme Court can be implemented soon.

In August 2014, the maximum pensionable salary was revised to 15,000 rupees per month, which was previously 6,500 rupees per month. This means that 8.33 percent contribution of real wages to members and their employers is possible.

This is the reason why

  1. Pension ke liye payat se koi cut nahin
  2. GPF (General Provident Fund) facility
  3. safe pension scheme is. Its payment is made through the government’s treasury
  4. At the time of retirement in OPS, a fixed pension of up to 50 percent of the final basic salary is provided
  5. Retirement ke baad 20 lakh rupees tak gratuity milita hai
  6. The provision of family pension upon death during service
  7. At the time of retirement, you don’t have to invest in GPF pension at the time of retirement

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