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Samvardhana Motherson International Ltd share: Madrasan Sumi Wiring India Limited (MSWIL) shares have lost nearly 57% this year. During this time, this share fell from 150 rupees to 65 rupees. अब मैदरसन के शेक्ष्टरकोन को में बोन्स श्रेक्स will be given. Actually, the company has announced that it will offer bonus shares at a ratio of 2:5 to eligible investors. यानी हर 5 शेरे पर डो BONUS जारी की जेंगे.

What did the company say?
The company said in a stock exchange filing that this notice is in connection with the recommendation made by the company’s board of directors to issue bonus shares to shareholders. The board decided to issue bonus shares in the ratio of 2:5. The company has set a record date for the rightful shareholders to issue the bonus on Thursday, November 17, 2022.

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The company made a profit
In Q2FY23, the company generated net income from operations of ₹1,835.21 crore compared to ₹1,670.94 crore in Q1FY23. This is a 31% increase year by year. The company recorded an EBITDA of ₹ 190 crore in Q2FY23, while it had an EBITDA of ₹ 194 crore in Q2FY22. It is 2% lower than last year. The company posted a net profit of ₹116 crore in Q2FY23, compared to ₹133 crore in Q2FY22 and ₹125 crore in Q1FY23. It’s down 12% YoY and 7 percent lower QoQ.

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