Indian overseas bank posts 33 percent jump in Q2 net rs 501 crore stock price gain – Business News India

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In the September quarter, Indian Overseas Bank’s profit increased by 33.2 percent to 501 crore rupees. A year ago in this quarter, the bank’s profit was 376 crore rupees. On Friday, the bank’s share price increased by 11.89% to 21.65 rupees.

अधमाही का क्या हाल: The net profit of the bank increased to 893 crore rupees in the last six months of September, which was 703 crore rupees in the same period of the previous year. In the quarter, the total income of the bank increased by 5,852.45 crore rupees. It was ₹5,028 crore in the June quarter. The total turnover of the bank also increased from 4,23,589 crore rupees to 4,34,441 crore rupees in the September quarter of the current financial year. At the same time, his total increased from 2,60,045 crore rupees to 2,61,728 crore rupees.

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The bank’s NPA ratio in the quarter decreased from 2.77 percent to 2.56 percent earlier. The bank’s total NPA is 43 crore rupees. Its interest in the current quarter is 4,717.61 crore rupees, which was 4,255 crore rupees in the same period last year.

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