ukraine russia war update Vladimir Putin allows former prisoners in army for ukraine war

ukraine russia war: Русс аур україн ке біч ки жанг мен аб Рус хоже жаванон ки комини се жуж рах хай лайкін, іше апне кадм абхі так герье хатайе хайн. The latest report is that convicted murderers and drug dealers who have recently been released from prison in Russia are being prepared to fight in Ukraine after a change in the law. President Vladimir Putin has recently amended the law to include those convicted of serious crimes who have been released from prison in the war against Ukraine. However, sexual violence against children and terrorism have been excluded from the army’s recruitment.

अग्रीय पर अग्युद्य के लैगे रहे है है। The Independent International Commission of Inquiry on Ukraine, established by the United Nations, reported in September that Russian forces had committed serious crimes against Ukrainians during the war, including acts of sexual violence. Khud Ukraine says that there are sufficient evidence of sexual violence against Ukrainians by Russian soldiers.

Русс не не бузбузхкар се начарен пар цілін кія hai и україны ки сейна пар пар пер кіліні кізіні пар кізіліні відівідіоні кізініні від передні вала паківіні ко шінна ко шіна базіна базіна баніні се топхане се пілініні пар. The United Nations Commission said that it has received “two examples of misbehavior with the soldiers of the Russian Federation by Ukrainian soldiers”, but the number of allegations of war crimes against Russia is quite high.

वागनर ग्रुप कर रहा ब्रेटी
In September, reports surfaced that Wagner was preparing convicted prisoners to fight in Ukraine under the private army. रूस अज्य लिये एन काइडियोन को साजा जल्डी पूर्ण कर डेने का लाच दे रहा है.

The first office of Wagner Group has opened in Russia
Wagner opened its first official headquarters in the city of St. Petersburg on Friday. This is the first office of Wagner Group in Russia. Wagner is in command of Russia’s private army. जिस्टो चीफ इवगेनी प्रोगोजिन है. The BBC reports that Prigozhin promised the prisoners that if he fought against Ukraine with him, no one would go back behind bars.

49 thousand हो चैके ब्रेज
President Putin has announced that 49,000 of the 3 lakh people who were called up since September have been deployed in different areas of Ukraine. It includes dangerous criminals.

गुरतलब है की रूस ने साल 24 फेबर्य को पर उस्वर्य की खाटा किया की एक्रायन. इस हुमेल में अभी तक हैजार की संज्ञार में निगर्क आवर लेदाकोन की मुट हू है. Украине ке майные шехр аур касбе остать кіје за чуке хайн. At the same time, 7.8 million Ukrainians are refugees in different parts of Europe. Of which 2.8 million are in Russia.

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