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TTML Share Price: Tata Group (Tata group) का एक शेर अपने अपने को मुयूस कर रहा है. कुबी चप्परफ़ाड return देने वाला यह शेरी एस समाय फापन 52-वीक है से एक्षों 64% तक टुट चका है. This share of Tata Group reached its 52-week high of Rs 291.05 on 11 January 2022. इस शाइर का नाम Tata Teleservices (महाराष्ट्र) लि.यानी (TTML). Currently, TTML’s share is at 102.55 rupees.

share price history
According to the data available on BSE, the shares of TTML have been in constant losses for the last few months. The company’s shares fell by 4% in the last month. This year, YTD, this share is down 53%. However, this share rose 53% over the year. During this period, this share fell from 216 rupees to 102 rupees. Let me tell you that this is a large cap company and its market cap is 20,096.66 crore rupees. If an investor invested 1 lakh in this share of Tata Group in January of this year, then this amount decreased to 47 thousand rupees.

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What is the company’s business?
TTML is a subsidiary company of Tata Teleservices. This company is the market leader in its segment. The company provides voice, data services. There are many big names in the company’s customer list. According to market experts, last month the company launched smart internet based service companies. It has received a tremendous response, because it offers companies with fast internet and cloud-based security services and optimized control.

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