Searching in Google Chrome will be easier, and the experience will change with new features


The user will be able to easily access the content in a single row.
கார் ஸுர் பைப்பு குக்கு கர்க்கு கார்கை கார்கை காட்டு கியு க்க்கு க்கு க்கு க்க்கு है.
You can pin the active tab in front of the other tab.

Google Chrome browser has been updated, so users have many new features. यूजरस को अब ब्रॉडॉट की बैज़ा को का कार्ने का एक नाया टेवी मिला है. It is said that when the user opens the product page, Chrome will give the option of ‘Price Track’ in the address bar. एक बार जाब यूजर अभाब कर लेटे हैन है, टो प्रृड पेज अपने आप बुक्मरक में सेव हो जाइलका.

Besides this, another special feature is that the user will be able to see the results easily in a single row. When you use the Chrome address bar to search, the browser will show you the option ‘Open Search in new panel’, which will show the results in a side panel.

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By clicking on any result, it will open in the user’s current tab, and you can easily compare more results using the side panel.

Pin करने हैं है tab
Users can now pin an active tab in front of another tab to maintain its position. To do this, right click on the tab you want to pin and then select ‘Pin’ from the option.

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हाल ही में अनुमारी हिंदी है की गुगुल है है है The company said that the company will increase the cloud storage space from 15GB to 1TB instead of 1TB for workspace individual accounts. As the storage increases, users will have access to store their data online and work on the cloud service, and it will get better.

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