Roger Binny on Shahid Afridi favoritism allegations says we are not favored by the ICC Everyone gets the same treatment – BCCI president Roger Binny

The Indian team is just one win away from reaching the semi-finals of the T20 World Cup 2022 in Australia. The team beat Bangladesh by 5 runs using the Duckworth-Lewis rule in their last match. However, due to the rain in this match, the match was delayed for some time, but after the rain stopped, the match started again. However, the former captain of Pakistan, Shahid Afridi, did not win the game and accused the ICC. Now BCCI president Roger Binny has given a big statement on Afridi’s controversial allegations, saying that the ICC has “treated every team equally.”

Former Pakistan captain Shahid Afridi recently claimed that the ICC wants Team India to reach the semi-finals of the 2022 T20 World Cup at any cost. अंचा ये बुद्वित बायान भारत-बंगलादेश मैक के बाद आया है.

BCCI President Roger Binny said, “No. मुजे नहीं लगात की ICC हमारा पक्षा लेता है. सुभी के साथ अक जिसा विवाच होता है आसी को टेवी नहीं जाने आप आसी केह पुग्याना. हमेन अन्य अग्य से क्या अलाग मलता है? India is a big powerhouse in cricket but we are dealing with each other like this.”

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Before that, Shahid Afridi accused the ICC of favoring the BCCI, saying, “Aapne saw that the field was very wet.” But the ICC’s inclination is भारत की उर है. They want to ensure that India reached the semifinals at any cost. Umpire bhi wahi thaye jeen umpiring ki aur umpiring ki aur umpire bestas umpire ka macha umpire.”

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