Nita Ambani said that the IOA’s new draft constitution, where athletes and women will get more rights

Mumbai. Nita Ambani, member of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) and founder-chairman of the Reliance Foundation, welcomed the revised draft constitution of the Indian Olympic Association (IOA) and called it a historic moment in India’s Olympic dream. Some important changes have been made in the final draft of the revised constitution of the IOA prepared by retired Judge L Nageshwar Rao, which can be formally adopted at the General Assembly meeting held on November 10.

IOC member Nita Ambani while appreciating the greater representation of athletes and women in the newly revised IOA draft constitution said, ‘I congratulate Justice Nageshwar Rao for this historic moment in India’s Olympic campaign, because we are a more inclusive and अशाजानक विश्विस की उर बहर रहे हैन. I am extremely happy about the steps taken in the direction of giving more representation to athletes and women in the Indian sports administration, especially in the revised draft constitution of the IOA, which was made in consultation with my colleagues at the IOC.’

2023 is an important year for India’s Olympic campaign, because India is going to host the IOC session in Mumbai for the first time in 40 years. Nita Ambani commented further on the new draft of the constitution amendment, saying, ‘Mera strongly believes that it will pashat the way to build the real capacity of India in sports. I am ready to work closely with the newly elected members of the IOA to fulfill India’s Olympic ambitions, which will begin with the successful hosting of India House in the 2023 IOC Session in Mumbai and the 2024 Paris Olympic Games. जाय हिन्द!’

In the year 2023, India was given the right to host the IOC session, for which the Reliance Foundation president Nita Ambani successfully led the Indian delegation, so that India almost unanimously got the right to host the IOC session after 40 years. The IOC session will host IOC members, representatives of the International Federation (IF) and other key figures of the Olympic campaign and this will prove to be an important step towards India realizing its Olympic dreams.

Nita Ambani is a strong supporter of the ‘Athlete First’ policy and a strong promoter of girls’ and women’s sports. The Reliance Foundation’s special development programs for athletes focus on providing world-class experiences and facilities for athletes across the country, with a special focus on increasing the participation and success of girls and women athletes. hai.

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