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In Britain, there is a tremendous offer going on. Jahan 3.7 Crore का अलिशान गर मतर 280 रूप में मिल रहा है. Let me tell you that a person in Britain has made a unique offer for selling property, where anyone can buy a house for 280 rupees. Actually, the winner of the lottery has been offered a ticket of 280 rupees. This is a three-storey property and its price is 3.7 crore rupees. This house has 4 large bedrooms, a large kitchen, a dining area, a living room and a maintenance yard. বাতা দেন কিয়্তা ক্র্যান ক্র্য়া ক্রিক্য়া ক্য়্য়া ক্য়্য়া ক্য়্য়ান इस गार पर टिन भाइयोन, Daniel, Jason अवर विल Twinfour ने लोटरी लागी है.

Every month you will get ₹188,000 rent
According to Cambridge News, this property can be rented for ₹188,000 per month. To cover matters such as stamp duty and legal fees, the Twinforce brothers have sold approximately 155,000 tickets. अगर 155,000 तिक्तक नहीं बेचे जाटे है, टो विज्ञा को टिक्टक रसीद का 70% देने की आच्या की जेगी.

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4-bedroom wale is this magnificent house ki khasiyat hai ki its living room men sofe ke do rahka khain hain. Its kitchen is completely furnished. अधिस अलावा बदी अवार हुवादार धिडकियान आॉर इक विशाल फर्ष्ट है. The market is out of the house. This property is in the Medway area of ​​Kent. You can reach here by train from London in about an hour. It is close to London’s Chatham train station. इग्य से लोडन से लोडन विक्ट्रिया अर्डोन का रास्ता मतर अक हैन का है.

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