America: In Texas and Oklahoma, the storm killed one person and killed several people.

पोदर्ली (अमेरिका). In addition to many parts of the state, many buildings and houses have been damaged in the neighboring state of Texas. उच्चार की चुपेट में अने से एक आश्ची की मुट हो गायी की टोफन की चपेट में अने से एक आश्वार की मुट हो गाइी Oklahoma ki McCurtain County Emergency Manager Cody McDaniel nee a person ki death ki posthi ki hai. However, they did not give more details.

The local authorities say that the storm caused damage to the church, medical center and school building in Idabel town.

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रहात आवर भाष्व का कार्य जाराई

Governor Kevin S. का केहना है की रहात वें भाषु दल लोगों को शुचे में जुते हैन. Texas In Lamar County officials said at least 50 houses were damaged or destroyed. He said that 10 injured people were treated in a hospital.

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