Small cap company announces Dividend record Date Also Declared

Nicco Parks & Resorts is a small cap company. This company with a market cap of 530.95 crore rupees is in the news due to its dividend. Company ki taraf se dividend ke liye record date ka ailan kar diya gaya hai. आया देखें हैन की इस्टेवर्स को कितना देविडिंड का दे रही है है. साथ ही बीते इक साल के दाउराई आसका प्रेष्ट काईसा रहा है?

The company informed the exchange, “Another interim dividend of Rs 1 face value will be paid at 40 percent (0.40 paisa) per share.” ক্র্যান ক্যাত্বা স্যান ক্যান ক্যান্ড ক্যান 2 দ্র্ব্র 2022 য়ে কান ক্র্যান The record date for the dividend has been set at 14 November 2022.”

375% का ताब्डटोड return, अब कैप्रानी 1 श्रेर पर देगी अक शेरे बोनस; Know the record date

साल दार साल किसा है का प्राष्टी का पुर्ण?

Nicco Parks & Resorts closed at 112 rupees on Friday with a decline of 1.28 percent. During the last 5 years, the price of the company’s shares has increased by 181 percent. At the same time, 3 years ago someone who invested would get a return of 305 percent. After one year, the company performed well in the stock market. During this period, the share price increased by 112 percent. বাতা দেন, during the second quarter of the current financial year, the promoters’ share in the company was 68.11 percent. At the same time, the public company held a 31.88 percent share.

துர்ட்டி நடிஜாந நை கியு ஗ா஡ா஦

The company’s net sales during the second quarter of the current financial year is Rs 14.86 crore. Which is 277 percent higher than last fiscal year’s second quarter. At the same time, the company’s net profit is 5.34 percent in the second quarter of this financial year. Which is 1564 percent higher than last year’s second quarter.

70 rupis ke premium पर शैक्षा इस IPO का शेरे, अग्य वाफ़ दाव लागा पुबे निसेवक

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