In the FIH Pro League 2022, the Indian hockey team defeated New Zealand 7-4

Indian Hockey Team

FIH Pro League 2022: Indian hockey team’s performance last few years. Team India won its first medal in the Olympics last year after 41 years. अविष्य विश्वार में भार्टिया टीम कामाल का प्रेष्ट कर रही है Meanwhile, the Indian team beat New Zealand in a match of the FIH Pro League.

India defeated New Zealand

After trailing 1-3, India played aggressive hockey and showed a great performance, winning 7-4 over New Zealand in an exciting FIH men’s pro league match here on Friday. The home team defeated this opponent 4-3 in the first round match on October 28. The team was struggling in the first 15 minutes in which they conceded three goals but in the next three quarters the team showed aggressive play by scoring two goals each.

बार्टिया टीम की शाबारी वापसी

New Zealand dominated in the first quarter but India was under pressure again and again in the next three quarters, only one goal was scored. Captain Harmanpreet Singh (7th and 19th minute, both penalty corners), Karti Selvam (17th and 38th minute), Raj Kumar Pal (31st minute), Sukhjit Singh (50th minute) and Jugraj Singh (53rd minute) scored for India. . Simon Child (second), Sam Lane (ninth), Jake Smith (14th) and Nick Woods (54th) scored for New Zealand.

New Zealand 11 miles penalty corner

भारत को दारण के में के लिए 11 penalty corners met जिस्मे से टिन गोल में तब्दील है. Indians played aggressive hockey and scored 29 times in the circle compared to New Zealand 13 times. भारत का गेंड पर दबदबा 56 percent raha अवर्ट का गेंड पर दबदबा रहा 12 shots में गोल के अगोल के अवर्ट का टिम के दाउर कार्ने वाली तिम साकी 6 बार ही कर साकी. India will face Spain in the second round match on Sunday. India lost 2-3 to the European team on October 30.

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