CNG PNG prices increase by Mahanagar Gas limited check latest rates

CNG-PNG Latest Rate: The government company Mahanagara Gas Limited (MGL) increased the prices of LPG (CNG) and piped LPG (PNG) again on Friday. Now CNG in Mumbai (Mumbai CNG-PNG Price) has increased by 3.50 rupees per kilo to 89.50 rupees per kilo. At the same time, domestic PNG has become expensive by 1.50 rupees to 54 rupees per cubic meter. नाई दरेन आज यानी जुर्च की अधि रात से अधिक हो जैजेंगी.

ಕ್ತ್ರಿರಿಕ್ ಮಾಕ್ತಿಕ್ ಕ್ರಿಕ್ತ ಕ್ರಿಕ್ತಿಕ್ತ ಕಿರಿಕ್ತಿಕಿ ಕ್ರ್ತಿಕ್ತ್ಲಿಕಿ ಕಿರಿಕಿ. The center increased the price of gas produced at the domestic level at the beginning of October by 40 percent for the second half of the fiscal year. Before this, gas prices were increased by 110 percent for the first half of April.

375% का ताब्डटोड return, अब कैप्रानी 1 श्रेर पर देगी अक शेरे बोनस; Know the record date

On April 1st, the price of CNG used as a fuel in vehicles was 60 rupees per kilo, while domestic cooking gas PNG was priced at 36 rupees per cubic meter. MGL has increased the price of CNG and PNG to reduce the impact of the drop in the price of the rupee against the dollar.

MGL said that the supply of gas has decreased by 10 percent due to the fact that it has to buy gas at relatively high prices. MGL has claimed that despite the increase in price, CNG is 42 percent cheaper than petrol, while PNG’s price is eight percent less than LPG.

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