India defeat New Zealand in FIH pro League first match By 4-3 mandeep singh was the hero of the match

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Indian hockey team

The first match between India and New Zealand in the FIH Pro League was played in Bhubaneswar on Friday. In this match, India beat New Zealand 4-3 to start the tournament well. India named the match in the final quarter of this match. Mandeep Singh was the hero in this match for India. He scored the most goals in this match in India. He scored 2 important goals in this match.

Mandeep Singh scored two field goals in the final quarter to start his FIH campaign with a win over New Zealand. Mandeep scored in the 51st and 56th minute. The Indian team was trailing 2-3 at the end of the third quarter. Mandeep Mor scored the 13th and captain Harmanpreet Singh scored in the 41st minute for the fifth-placed Indian team in the world ranking. Sam Lane scored two goals in the 22nd and 35th minute for New Zealand’s ninth-ranked team in the world, while Jake Smith scored another goal in the 34th minute.

New Zealand initially took a more aggressive approach. Indian goalkeeper PR Srijesh initially saved a long range shot. भारत को है का माचा का पैनलीकर मिल गाया लेक्षा शाम्शर सिंग आसका है। Neelkant Sharma ne mor ko saksa pas diya who made aram se gol kia aur New Zealand goalkeeper Dominic Dixon kuch nahin kara sake. भारत ने दबादबा बानाय था था अव्य भारत में एस बेंगत को को गुगना के करने था प्रीयसरत लेये था. But New Zealand first equalized from a penalty corner. Sam Lane’s shot was blocked by Surender Kumar. The guest team took a review, which showed that the ball was சார்ர் கார்ரை பெரிர் சுர் சுர் குரை அுர் பெர் நை நார் சார் கார் காரியை. Immediately after this, New Zealand got another penalty corner but this time Krishna Bahadur Pathak stopped it and Simon Child’s attempt failed. After the first half, the score was tied at 1-1.

In the third quarter, it was an exciting match in which New Zealand scored two goals in the 34th and 35th minutes. India scored a penalty in the 41st minute with the help of captain Harmanpreet, making the score 2-3. At the end of the third quarter, the Indian team was down to 10 players because Sumit was shown a yellow card. New Zealand scored two penalty corners. In the final quarter, India played with 10 players for 10 minutes, after which Mandeep gave two goals to the team. Mohammad Raheel made his debut for India in this match. বার্ত আব্র্তা কান্তা কায়া কান্তা কান্য ক্লাল

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