Uttarkashi Avalanche Bodies of 19 mountaineers found so far in Uttarakhand accident, rescue operation continues

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Uttarkashi Avalanche : अट्टराखांड के उत्तरकाशी में बर्फीले तोवान की चपेत में फ़से 19 mountain climbers are dead. However, the rescue operation is still ongoing. This information was given by the Chief Minister of the state, Pushkar Singh Dhami. वे वे वे अधिक संपर्क कर रहाट आवर भाषु बहिया की अभोरा ले है है है.

मुक्ष्यवित्र धामी ने मेडियाकर्मीय से कहा-‘ उत्तरकाशी में अभी तक 19 शवोन को रिकुवर की जा चका है. বাস্তাবেবিন ব্র্যাত The party that came from Srinagar, the NDRF, the SDRF along with the army and the administration are also there. I am constantly in contact with all the people.’

17 hazar প্ট্ত কিয়্ত প্র পিম্শাল্ন কে চাপ্ট মান্যাত

The climbers of the Nehru Mountaineering Institute (NIM) were caught in an avalanche at the height of 17,000 feet on Tuesday when they returned to the mountain for the second time. NIM said that 19 people were recovered from the landslide on Thursday. According to the institute, 17 of these are trainees, while two are trainers.

लापता पर्वतारोहियों की तालाषा जाराई

At the same time, 10 apprentices अब भी लापता हैन. थल सेना, वायुसेना, NIM, भारत-तिब्बत सीमा पुलीस (ITBP), High Altitude Warfare School (Jammu-Kashmir), राज्या आपदा मोचन बाल अवर जिला दिब्या में टालाश अभिया में जुते हैन. This campaign started a few hours after the avalanche on Tuesday.

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