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Mukesh Ambani News: Asia’s second richest person, Reliance Industries Limited (Reliance Industries) chairman Mukesh Ambani (Mukesh Ambani) is now preparing to open a family office in Singapore. Bloomberg has written from sources that billionaire Ambani has also started hiring employees for this new unit and has hired a manager to oversee it. It’s not enough to open a family office in Singapore for real estate property.

Singapore is super rich people
বাতা দেনন কিয়া কান্যান্য বান্যান ন্যার্যার্যিয়াপ্ট্য়্তে है। Before that, hedge fund billionaire Ray Delio and Google co-founder Sergey Brin are already on the list of those opening a family office in Singapore. Let us tell you that among the super rich people, Singapore is becoming an attractive center for family offices due to low taxes and security. But as a result of the increasing number of global rich people in Singapore, the prices of cars, housing and other goods are also increasing. Deputy Prime Minister Lawrence Wong indicated in an interview in August that the wealthy may face more taxes to promote development. According to the Monetary Authority of Singapore, by the end of last year 2021, the number of such offices had increased to more than 700. Before this, in 2020, this number was only 400.

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What is the scheme?
Mukesh Ambani is trying to take his retail-to-refining business to a global level. In 2021, the chairman of Aramco was included in the board of Reliance. Also, last month, Reliance bought a 75 percent stake in US software company SenseHawk for $32 million. Reliance paid $79 million for Stoke Park Limited in April 2021. It bought a 73.4% stake in Mandarin Oriental in New York for 98.15 million dollars in January and bought a beachfront villa in Dubai for 80 million dollars this year.

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नीता अंबानी भी कर रहिं मादाद
According to the sources, Mukesh Ambani’s wife Nita Ambani is also helping to open the office in Singapore. Ambani wants the Singapore family office to open within a year. Let’s say that Reliance is expanding its oil refining and petrochemical business to e-commerce, green energy and retail across India. In 2020, the company Jio Platforms Ltd. It has dealt more than 25 billion dollars with Silicon Valley investors including Meta Platforms Inc. and Google.

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