FIFA World Cup 2022 brazil on top in rankings belgium on second world cup

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FIFA World Cup: Fans of the world are waiting for the FIFA World Cup. The biggest tournament of football history will be held in Qatar. फुट्बॉल के है अक फान की एस टोर्मना पर रहती है है है, आशे में एस साल जेना होगा की कुन सी टीम की फिफा की ट्रोफी उत्ताती है. But before that, the 5-bar champion team of Brazil came out with a good news.

Brazil’s team is on top

Brazil has extended its lead over Belgium, which is in second place in the latest FIFA rankings released on Thursday, so that it will enter the field as the top ranked team in the World Cup, which starts on November 20 this year. Brazil won two practice matches against Ghana and Tunisia in September, while Belgium lost to the Netherlands in two matches of the Nations League. Argentina is in third place and 2018 World Cup champion France is in third place.

It is at the 50th number

The host of the 50th ranking team is only one place ahead of Saudi Arabia (51st ranking). Ghana’s team will be the lowest ranking team in the world cup from the 61st place. In the World Cup, Group B is very strong according to the ranking, in which all four teams are included in the top 20. In this, England (fifth), America (16th), Wales (19th) and Iran (20th) teams are present. The Italian team reached the sixth position in the ranking. पर वह विष्व कप के की कालीफी नहीं करेने वाली सैबे उूची रांजक वाली वाली है तीम है. इस तरह आटिलिया सुचार दो चार में विष्व कप के लिये कालीफी नहीं कर पी.

Spain 7th number

Spain lost a place to the 7th place while the other top 10 teams in the Netherlands, Portugal and Denmark did not change their rankings. At the same time, 2014 champion Germany is in 11th place. Русс 2022 में को एची अच्च अच्छा पर नहीं के उच्या के अध्या से डो पैडान के गैडे से शैं स्थान पर गाया है. Because of the attack on Ukraine, the Russian team was suspended.

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