This year, 1.62 crore tourists arrived in Jammu and Kashmir, the highest in 75 years. So far this year, 1.62 crore tourists have reached Jammu and Kashmir, the highest in 75 years

Tourism In Jammu & Kashmir

Tourism In Jammu & Kashmir: A record 1.62 crore tourists have visited Jammu and Kashmir so far this year, which is the highest since independence. A government spokesman gave this information on Thursday. प्रकाष्ट ने प्रवाष्ट की यह केंडर शासित प्रेदेड के गवाह है He said that Kashmir is attracting lakhs of tourists. Tourism experts say that it is the return of Kashmir tourism to the golden age. He said that the record number of tourists coming to Jammu and Kashmir shows the overall development and change in the Central Government. The spokesperson said that tourism is the biggest source of employment in Jammu and Kashmir and since January, 2022, 1.62 crore tourists have visited Jammu and Kashmir, which is the highest in the 75 years of independence. He said that in the first eight months of this year, 20.5 lakh tourists, including 3.65 lakh Amarnath pilgrims, traveled to Kashmir.

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