India’s services sector activity hits six-month low in September PMI

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  • The PMI business activity index fell from 57.2 in August to 54.3 in September
  • In the language of PMI, 50 से बिखा अंक का मतलब है is expansion, while 50 से निजेहने का नक का सक्चन
  • குக்கு के द्वर्ण के दियोग के के लिए, गुद्वार विश्व विश्व अव्य वर्य नियोग नीतीयों के चल्टे विद्धि के बुद्धा है

India की सेवर्ष सेक्टर की आक्तिवित्ता में सेप्ट्र में जेख में के निशेश स्टेर्व पर आज्ञार अच्चार अग्या. During this period, the pressure of inflation increased significantly in the new business. Adjusted to S&P Global India PMI business activity index fell to 57.2 in August from 54.3 in September. It shows expansion at the slowest rate after March. However, for the 14th month in a row, there has been an expansion in the activity of the service sector. PMI 50 points mean expansion, while 50 points mean contraction.

अधिम पादने के अध्या विश्वर्य

Polyana de Lima, Joint Director of S&P Global Market Intelligence, said, ”India’s services sector has overcome many obstacles in recent months. The latest PMI figures show a strong performance despite a slight slowdown in growth in September.” Lima ne further said that due to the increase in interest rates in America, the sharp decline in the rupee caused additional challenges to the Indian economy.

In August, I was in better condition

During August 2022, the situation was better due to the strong growth in the new business, the improvement in demand and the employment creation. S&P Global India service PMI business activity index rose to 57.2 in August. This index was at a four-month low of 55.5 in July. During this period, there was a sharp upswing in business activities and the most rapid increase in the front of the disease in 14 years. The business boomed due to the increase in new businesses and the removal of restrictions related to the Kovid epidemic and the marketing efforts of the companies continuously benefited. On the employment front, there was a substantial increase in recruitment in the service sector due to strong sales and better growth projections.

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