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Fixed Deposit (FD) is the best investment option. But apart from FD, there are some options that can give you more returns than that. Housing finance companies and non-banking financial companies offer the highest interest rates in corporate FDs compared to banks. But, the risk factor in corporate FD compared to normal FD is more than that. In this case, before investing in corporate FD, the rating given by the company by credit rating agencies should be checked. जिन कर्पोर्टा FD की रेटेंग जिटे अधिक हूती है, आश्न विस्वेष करें पर हैको ही कम होता है. It has an AA rating, which shows that it is the most safe, and it has a timely payment. आज हम अपेक्स पुष्टेंगे की AA केटेजरी वाले किस कोर्पोर्टी FD के के के के लिए के के लिए में अधिक के लिए में में अधिक है।

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This corporate FD will earn 7.95% interest
Shriram City Union Finance is offering corporate FD 7.95 percent interest for 12 to 60 months to its customers. अगर हम रेटेग की बात करें तो श्रीरम की टिन्य कूणन को ICRA ने केतेगरी में AA+ रहा है. On the other hand, Shriram Transport Finance is also giving its customers 7.95 percent interest on corporate FD for the same period. Sriram Transport Finance is rated AA+ by ICRA. While Bajaj Finance is offering 7.16 percent interest on corporate FDs of 12 to 60 months and PNB Housing Finance is offering 7.02 percent interest on corporate FDs of 12 to 120 months.

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Corporate FD पर अग्य मुल्गा 6% शे जाई बेज़
Other corporate FDs include Sundaram Home Finance at 6.96% for corporate FDs of 36 to 60 months, HDFC at 6.90% for 33 to 99 months corporate FDs, and Mahindra Finance for 12 to 60 months corporate FDs. FD at 6.90 percent, ICICI Home Finance (ICICI Home finance) offers its customers 12 to 120 months of corporate FD at 6.80 percent, LIC Housing Finance offers its customers 12 to 60 months of corporate FD at 6.80 percent and Sundaram Finance offers its customers 12 से 36 मेहास की कोरपोर्ट FD पर 6.61 पर सेंट का बाज दे रहा है.

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