Rules Change Good news withdraw money from mutual funds in three days

In view of the growing interest of small investors in mutual funds (Mutual Funds) and stock market (Stock Market), many changes have been approved to make their investment more attractive and also for its safety. अग्य अग्या अग्य वाष्ट वाई से पैसा खक्टन पर अब वह महाज टिन दिन में अप्के खाटे में आपके काटेन.

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This is how the mutual fund’s dividend will last for seven days. In addition to this, the market regulator SEBI (SEBI) has also made double verification mandatory while investing in mutual funds or withdrawing money from it. বাজার ন্যালা ক্যান্তা হায়্য ক্র্তি ক্র্যান ক্র্য়া ক্র্যান ক্যান্যাদাদাদী স্য়াদাদাদি সান্যে

অন্তি প্রিত

Sebi has reduced the time it takes to sell a mutual fund unit by a third in view of the benefits of digital transactions. In this, 10 days will be spent on the money. At the same time, the mutual fund’s dividend will be reduced to half. लावाशं अब 15 दिन की बाया साट दिन में आ जायाका.

ব্র্যারিক্রিক্র্যা ক্র্যাত্র্তিক্ত

Sebi has decided to implement a two-tier verification process for buying and selling mutual fund units in order to protect the interests of investors. सीबी ने कहा की इस अग्या में निया मसुदा के साथ साल के अप्रॉल से लागो किया किया. After this decision, the mutual fund unit purchase and exchange process will be verified using friendly verification (online transaction) and signature method (offline transaction).

This will be verified

A one-time password will be sent to the unit-holder’s mobile phone or email during double verification of non-demat transactions. At the same time, in the case of demat transactions, double verification on the part of the depository will be followed. सेबी ने स्पष्ट किया है कि प्रणालीगत लेनदेन की स्थिति में इस तरह के सत्यापन की जरूरत सिर्फ पंजीकरण के समय ही होगी। Currently, all asset management companies (AMCs) have two-level verification for online transactions and signature verification for offline transactions.

The online bond forum will be held on the social network

The market regulator will introduce a regulatory framework for the convenience of online bond platform providers who sell listed debt securities. Under the framework, such a platform should be run by a stock broker (ऋण भांड) registered with the SEBI or a SEBI registered broker.

IPO disclosure regulations are strict

सेबी ने अर्मभिक पुबुक इन्गाम (IPO) के लिये का कार्ण को कार्ने को को करने है दी है. According to the SEBI, it is mandatory for the issuing company to disclose the previous transactions and fund raising activities based on the proposal price. SEBI’s board of directors has approved a proposal to introduce an alternative mechanism by allowing companies considering submitting initial documents for an IPO to submit regulatory information in a confidential manner.

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