10 signs of jealousy and how to fix it

Lack of trust: Jealous people often trust those who fuel their jealousy or support the cause of their jealousy. For others, these people are unable to develop a sense of trust. A lack of trust combined with a feeling of insecurity makes a person helpless and powerless.

Insecurity: The biggest weapon of jealousy is insecurity. It renders a person weak and disables their mental ability to be confident. The insecurity associated with jealousy instills fear, rage, anger and frustration in an individual.

Lower confidence: Jealousy drains out the confidence in a person. Jealousy takes over a person’s mental space with much ease when the person lacks confidence.

Lower self-esteem: A person filled with jealousy always lacks self-esteem and self-trust.

Suspicious: A jealous person finds it hard to believe others. A sense of negativity brews in their mind always.

Over dominant: Often seen in relationships, jealous people try to control their partners.

Irritability: It is very easy to irritate a person who is jealous of others. Just mentioning those people before them can irritate them.

Negative judgment: Even if they know the truth, jealous people tend to give negative opinions about others.

Happy with others’ distress and vice versa: In some ways, people who are jealous of others tend to be happy when the other people face setbacks and become unhappy if something good happens to them.

Lack of self-acceptance: These people are always seen comparing themselves with others and weighing their pros and cons with others.

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